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“Be the LEADING WOMAN in your own life.”

I love helping my female clients look and feel like the “leading women” they are in their own lives, to look and feel good from the inside out as well as the outside in by creating “customized personal makeup palettes” that take the mystery and overwhelm out of doing one’s own makeup and creating a fresh new vibrant look!


As an Award winning Makeup Artist in Hollywood I understand faces, skin tones, changes with maturing, discoloration, the effects of going through medical and life challenges and how one wants to feel like oneself, be seen, be heard and be empowered and it’s my mission to help every women look and feel the best version of themselves!


Let’s “Color Match” you so you can feel vibrant and refreshed and five yourself the best gift of “self-love” and Book a “ Color Match” session with me NOW!

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