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“History and Fashion represent a time of change, telling a story,  creating a Period look.”


Felicia is passionate about visually telling a story responsibly and providing her leading actors the “right” look for the period/role they are portraying through the art of:

shape and color of one’s lip color, eyebrow shape, color/contour, lashes, facial hair, in addition to their hairstyle, wardrobe, props, setting, etc.


“Character makeup is transformational  in every way physically to become the essence of who the actor is portraying.” 


Felicia’s character makeup is a passion to artistically transform her actor’s face into the “look-a-like” they are meant to portray, real or fantasy.


Mo Collins
Nicole Sullivan
Alex Bornstein
Stephen Dorff
Marty Short
Rachel Harris
Ed Begley Jr.
Eugene Levy
Catherine O'Hara
Michael McKeon
Tom Lennon
Niece Nash
Wendi McLendon-Covey
Phil Lamar
Artie Lang
Harry Shearer
Christopher Guest



"The Ben Stiller Show"

"Mad TV"

"Reno 911"

"Star Trek"

"For Your Consideration"

"Cold Case"



"Prime Time Glick"



"Santa Clarita Diet"

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