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“It is an art to groom a leading man.”


Felicia’s  Men’s Grooming is the art of makeup/ grooming incorporated to bring out the best of her male client’s face/body features for their leading roles.


Rob Lowe

Dan Levy

Justin Baldoni

Brett Dier

Bryan Callen

Jonah Hill
Ryan Phillipe
Stephen Dorff
Channing Tatum
Matt Bomer
Omar Epps
Jason Beghe
Danny Pino
Adam Rodriguez
Eddie McClintock
Jason Schwartzman
Chris Pine
Idris Elba
Tom Sizemore
Peter Gallagher
Jon Tenney
John C. McGinley
Donald Faison
Sean Bean
Ice Cube
Johnny Messner
Morris Chestnut
Ben Stiller
Zac Efron
Tyler Posey

Bob Odenkirk

Eugene Levy

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